No More Guesswork...

Double Your Google Ads ROI...GUARANTEED!

Leverage The Power of Ad Data Intelligence

Ever felt like running your Google PPC campaign is like throwing darts in the dark, hoping to hit a bullseye? In the world of pay-per-click advertising, data is your best ally. But what if you could leverage more than just your own data? What if you could tap into insights from across your entire market? What if you leverage data that is hidden from 99% of your market?

Welcome to PPC Intelligencia - your new secret weapon in Google PPC Advertising!

Lower Your Lead Cost

Reduce lead cost by eliminating wasteful keywords, helping you get more value from your budget and effectively grow your business.

Proven Formula

Ground-breaking tools that analyze search terms and best performing ads across entire markets. Stop guessing and start making data-driven decisions.

Faster Results

You'll reduce your cost per lead by an average of 31% in 30 days or less. Grow your business without burning through your budget.

Unmask Invisible Data

Find the Hidden Treasure: You know how it's super exciting to play hide-and-seek and you're always trying to find the best hiding spots? Well, PPC Intelligencia is like the ultimate seeker. We look through the hidden data in your market through your competitor ads and find the best ones for you, so you don't have to play a guessing game anymore!

Seize the Momentum

We've all been there - you launch a strategy and then wait...and wait...and wait, like watching a pot that never boils. With PPC Intelligencia, those days are over. You'll feel the rush of results in as little as 7 days. It's like flicking a switch and seeing your campaign light up with success.

Slash The Wastage

Picture this - you're pouring your hard-earned money into a leaky bucket, your budget trickling away on fruitless search terms. It's like trying to fill a sieve with water, right? With PPC Intelligencia, you'll plug those leaks, cutting your cost per lead by an astonishing 31% in 30 days or less. That's your business growing tall and strong, without bleeding your budget dry.

Navigate with Confidence

Have you ever felt lost in the labyrinth of Google's data, with no guide to help you out? We are here to be your guiding light.

We'll decipher the cryptic data, leading your campaign to the heart of the labyrinth - where the results are. You can stop pulling your hair out and start reaping the rewards.

What You Expect From Us

Auto Transport Results in 14 Days

21.7% ⬆︎ Conversions

70% ⬇︎ Cost Per Click
91% ⬇︎ Cost Reduction

In 14 DAYS

Pilates Studio Results in 30 Days

82% ⬆︎ Conversions

18% ⬇︎ Cost Per Click
43% ⬇︎ Cost Per Conversion

In 30 DAYS

Eye Clinic Results in 14 Days

27% ⬆︎ Conversions

11% ⬇︎ Cost Per Click
57% ⬇︎ Cost Per Conversion

In 14 DAYS

Medical Device Results in 4 Days

100% ⬆︎ Conversions

55% ⬇︎ Cost Per Conversion


More Results

Physical Therapist

268% ⬆︎ Conversions



190% ⬆︎ Conversions


Water Damage

CPA⬇︎ 42%



CPA ⬇︎ 79%


Law Office Firm

89% ⬆︎ CTR



150% ⬆︎ CLICKS


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